Starters to share

Creamy and crispy cod croquette with miso sauce emulsion 3.20€/ud

Basil pesto croquette 2.20€/ud

Zucchini in tahina and yogurt sauce with salicornia, tarragon and parmesan 7.00/half 11.20€

Red prawn and avocado canelonni with “puttanesca tomato” 17.50€

Ricard´s Russian salad with olive-stuffed foam 6.60€/half 10.80€

White sea bass with caramelized boletus edulis 16,50€

Slightly vegetable tempura with harissa sauces 16.50€

Preserved artichokes, marinated lemon  sh and almonds 13€

Duck confit, roast cabbage, hoisin sauce and green apple salad 12,50€

Roast aubergine, hollandaise sauce, feta cheese and pine nuts 7.20€/media 12.50€

Roast carrots, coconuts and homemade smoked salmon 9,80 13.50€

Pear tomato tart and buffalo mozzarella 14.80€

Crispy lamb pastilla 10,50€

Beef carpaccio with rocket leave pecorino and sundried tomatoes vinaigrete 15.20€

Finish with a dish just for you

Catch of the day with green beans and tomatoes in a kombu stew 21.50€

Flame-grilled hake served over a vegetable caponata with tomato y habanero chili sauce 17.50€

Glazed bluefinn tuna barbel with roasted vegetables and capers 20.50€

Roast and smoke Angus ribs, potato pure and black pepper juice 21€

Galician beef tenderloin "bearnesa" potato and herbs 21€

Iberian pork shoulder blade with baby roasted potatoes and lentils vinaigrette 18.50€

Roasted suckling goat shoulder, mutabbal and parsley 21€

Spit-roasted farm-yard chicken cannelloni 14.20€

Oxtail´s stuffed ravioli, tith parmesan, mushroom and rocket leaves 16.50€

Cuttlefish and meat balls rice with boletus 15,50/ persona (min 2 pax)

Our sweet side

Vainilla from Madagascar creamy pudding with sugar molasses 6.20€

Figs, fondillon wine and Bourbon vanilla mousse 8€

Creamy cheesecake with cranberries 9.50€

Vainilla flavored “painperdu” with lemon and cinamon icecream 8,50€

Assorted cheese selection (Cebreiro, Cuatro Picos, Canto Lavado, Comte) 13.50€

Chocolate cake XXL 8.50€

TIPSY CAKE baked brioche and biscuit glacé 13.20€